Since the inception of Babicz Guitars USA, we have been fortunate to have the support of many friends and loyal customers. These testimonies represent a small part of the community of musicians who have played such an important part in our growth.
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"Right off the bat what impressed me about this beautiful guitar was its ability to stay in tune with itself even in the upper registers of the fretboard, a feature that I had not experienced on any other acoustic guitar that I've played. The adjustable neck allowed me to lower the action to a string height that I am comfortable with with absolutely no fret buzz. Incredible! Throw in a beautiful sunburst finish, tone that is second to none, an on board EQ and you have one superb instrument".

Thank you JB!

~Jeff Loeber, UGUYS
"Hi Jeff, I'm writing to send you a picture of me with my new Tribeca OM. I purchased this from your website in February and it immediately became my favorite guitar (over a Larrivee and Martin!). Something about the size and neck feel so "right" I just don't want to put it down. I'm especially surprised by how strong and deep a tone it can produce even when the action is pulled very low.

Last week I had the good fortune to attend a guitar workshop with one of my real inspirations, Tommy Emmanuel. After the workshop I met Tommy and asked him to sign my guitar; he happily agreed, but not before giving it a "workout". Now this guitar is definitely a keeper!"

~Dave Toledano
"I first played one of your Guitars at Ed Roman's in Las Vegas for my Dad, he couldn't wait for me to fill our house with the great tones this Guitar produces. I can't wait to show my Guitar ensemble teacher, No doubt she too will be impressed. Thanks for all you do."

~Michael Stefani
"The Babicz Octane has what every player desires in a guitar. Visually the instrument has a very classy look with the Lateral Compression Soundboard, flawless finish, and unique 'Z" hole, although the sonic results are what makes the guitar a leader in a world full of followers. Playing the Octane becomes a romantic affair due to the response it gives and the beautiful tone it has. All the notes jump out and resonate no matter where you play on the neck and a simple strum lets you know that this guitar is indeed a very special instrument. Once plugged into an amplifier the Octane really blazes a trail. It handles the overdrive channel like a solid-body and cleans up with a touch of the volume control. On the clean channel it provides sparkling full tones with the best low end to be found anywhere. The guitar becomes a part of the player and becoming one with your instrument is the highest goal to be achieved. There is nothing that compairs to the Octane. Innovation makes the difference and all Babicz instruments have it."

~Elwood Francis, tech for ZZ Top
"I love my new Identity Jumbo, beautiful both in sound and esthetics! Thank you for creating this most excellent instrument, it's the one I play first."

"Jeff- Thank you again for this amazing guitar!"

~Neal Schindelar
"Jeff- Hearing the great sound of Babicz guitars at several Porcupine Tree shows, I loved the deep, crisp, energetic, well-defined sound of the Babicz onstage with a full rock band backing. It cured me of the nasally plastic sound of my guitar who's name starts with "O". I'm in a hard working (and loud) weekend classic rock band, so my Babicz has experienced quite a work-out since I bought it a year ago. I didn't buy a Babicz to hang it on a wall. I've used it at bar gigs, biker rallies, wedding receptions, outdoor parties, and living room get- togethers. Everyone is curious about the looks of the Babicz, but the real listeners comment on my Jumbo Rosewood's remarkable sound quality. Semi-professionally speaking; I love my Babicz. I'm saving my pennies to buy an Octane. I have a video of me playing my Babicz "around the campfire" on YouTube. In case anyone wonders if Babicz guitars can take a classic rock workout.

~Rick Dutkiewicz
"The Babicz Spider sets a new industry standard and sounds amazing. This is the best sounding instrument I have ever played. Jeff Babicz has revolutionized the guitar in a way that makes it so player friendly you will never want to pick up anything else."

~Joe Burnley
"This is a wonderful example of inspired design executed flawlessly. I get flattering comments from everyone at the Guitar Society meetings."

~Roger Huckins
"Jeff, Me and a friend do a show for our children's ministry, the Crusaders. It aHalloween show, and many of the kids thought my Identity Jumbo was dressed as a spider web. I love my guitar and I think it plays beautifully. Thanks for the great design and even better execution. Hundreds of little kids have benefitted from your good work."

~Mike Nungesser
"My Mahogany Jumbo is a dream come true! Thanks for an instrument that sounds, plays, and looks absolutely beautiful, best of luck in the future!"

~Sott Heins

Legendary guitarist Duane Eddy jams on Steven King's Babicz guitar!
"The Babicz is the most innovative guitar I've ever played and the best sounding. I use it now for all my recording projects and live shows. You can hear it on my hit single TSAI and on Lyra Project's Patiently Waits single."

~Rick Denzien
"I bought the Dreadnought Cutaway and it is just Awsome! I love the way it looks and sounds. The adjustable neck is great. All my friends love it too! I recommend Babicz Guitars to anyone and everyone. Thanks Babicz keep up the great work!"

~Dutra Morris

"Jeff- Since the moment my Son (a porcupine tree fan) shows me the great looking guitar which was played by Steven Wilson I dreamed to get one for my own. With the help of his friends it became real. A american friend brought the wonderful Acute guitar to germany and I could play an original Babicz guitar for the first time. It looks awesome and it sounds indescribably. I play guitar since 40 years but no other instrument ever gave me such a inspiration for my songs. Then I saw the nice dreadnought sunburst limited edition. But how to get it? It was amazing! A few E-Mails with Jeff Carano and they send it to Germany. And so you see me: A very proud owner of two original Babics guitars!! Many thanks from Germany to Jeff Carano and all at Babicz Guitars for this wonderful Instruments! Your Fan."

~Reiner Klein
"Great guitar! Love at first touch."

Just wanted to let you know that of all the guitars that I have owned and played Babicz guitars are number one. I find it extremely easy just to pick up any Babicz guitar and write. It is one of the most advanced guitars on the market today.

~Ted Strain
"Well, I recieved my spider a couple of days ago and it is flat out awsome. Up to this point I have never seen one in person. I did alot of research and could not find one bad word about them, so I just went ahead and ordered it. I am very glad I did. The tone is so well balanced, and the craftsmenship is unbelievable. I have nothing but good to say about this guitar! Great job!"

~Brad Fisher
"I went to hear a friend play in one of the local pubs and was blown away by the sound quality of the Babicz that he had just purchased. After a couple of days I couldn't stand it any longer and made a 200 mile round trip to purchase my own. I just couldn't wait for it to be shipped. The Babicz is the only guitar for me now. Thanks for a great guitar!"

~Richard Bilbrey

"Rock star in training, Nolan loves the guitar!"

~Brian O'Banks
"I played my new Spider with my band Deafened By Love in NYC last week, and it was great! I got so many comments about the guitar from the audience after the set, and even the sound guy came out from behind the board to rave about what a great sound it has. The guitar feels great to play, sounds amazing, and looks cool too; I love it!"

~John Prusinski
"I fell in love with the babicz guitar when I first saw one years ago. I still can't beleive I finally have one. This guitar is bitchn' cool."

~Kyle Donaldson
"I really love my new Acute Fingerstyle. It sounds so clear and plays so nicely, my other guitars are starting to look a little jealous! Best regards!"

~Richard Gottleib
"I got the Mahogany Jumbo Identity.This has to be the best "off the shelf" brand new guitar I have ever played! The great unique look, and huge sound will make this instrument a long time companion."

~David Ashby, Australia
"I have recently become a proud owner of a Babicz Acute Rosewood guitar. And what a guitar it is! Ever since I received it a few days ago, I have spent more time strumming chords and just enjoying the guitar's amazing sound than actually practicing!"

~Ferenc Szili, Budapest
"Hello Jeffs and the team @ Babicz Guitars. My name is Alexa Jesse Lane and I recently bought an Octane in blue flame with humbuckers. I haven't stopped grinning for 2 months now. Here is my homage to my Octane:

O-oh, O-oh, O-oh my!
I love my Babicz Octane, let me tell you why...Like Hermes on the kithara my fingers fly, to make the Gods of Olympus sigh.

The notes are pure whether clean or gritty; acoustic or searing, the tone is fitting. The beauty of the guitar's finish gleams.I am so proud to be part of the Babicz scene!

Thank you all for such an outstanding instrument! Peace & Blessings."

~Alexa Lane