Testimonials Continued

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"What a beautiful instrument, and it plays like a dream. I will be playing all weekend, I'm sure (my wife is out of town). Later,"

~Mark Stippel

"I performed locally at the Dixon Scottish Games last weekend and everyone was blown away by my new guitar. I play Celtic folk songs and I find your guitar makes me sound a lot better than I really am. The clarity of tone whether flat-picking a Scottish battle song or a fingerstyle arpeggio for a sweet love song is amazing. Tha mi 'n dochas gu math leibh, (I wish you well)"

~Douglas McLeanin.
"Hey Jeff, I got the guitar today. awesome, simply amazing sound. It's exactly what I was looking for, the bottom end of the Martins with just the right amount of shimmer and mid punch that you get out of the hi end Taylors……. I must have played 50 guitars before I got yours and none compared…… thank God I stumbled across your company. I'm still blown away by the neck adjustability……(the) sound is amazing, you really nailed what I love in an acoustic…… it's so loud and crisp and bass rich with out being boomy. Nice work!"

~Derek Spencer
"I don't know where to begin talking about this guitar-well, for one thing, it sings so joyously, in such a carefree and enthusiastic manner, in all three ranges-the trebles ringing out sound absolutely angelic; and the low-end has such substance and clarity, such depth and presence, that it is positively bewitching! And that's before I even plugged in! …………it's got both the ballsy fuzziness (or call it distortion, whatever;) and the bite ('clarity') that makes me want to say: 'here it is (at last!) . . . now, this is a sound I can use forever . . .the aesthetic impact is stunning! From the breathtaking high-gloss translucent-blue-finished flame-maple top, to the highly-polished mahogany back and sides, to the hardware fittings, to the tasteful f-hole, and the contrasting satin finish on the back & sides of the neck…. . . . I could go on & on. Add in the innovations: lateral compression soundboard-effect (& the related effect of lightening the string-tension); torque-reducing split-bridge (rosewood, beautiful, and in itself, a work of art); continually-adjustable neck. And then address the lightning-fast and effortless action of this neck/fretboard combination! This guitar is a sheer pleasure to play! This is an axe I'm going to be writing songs on . . . for a long time to come . . . ……… I am astounded, and of course, eternally grateful . . ."

~Dr. Mark Lane
"Hi there, Thank you! Wow, I am really happy! I love the idea of a 30 day "Test Drive," but I didn't even need 30 seconds. After strumming the Babicz three times, I told my daughter, "There is NO-WAY I'm giving this thing up!" You've made the transition from my "old" guitar of 23 years not only painless, but downright wonderful! The reaction from all of my fellow guitar friends has been very positive. They are all very impressed, and more than slightly jealous. Sincerely,"

~Jim Engstom
"Guys, THANKS for the great guitar (a finger style small jumbo). It is fabulous. So far everyone who hears it is so impressed with the tone and quality of sound as well as the technical innovations. My fingers are staying sore because I am playing every chance I get. I also really appreciate the personal service you provide."

~Tim Mathis
"Thanks to both you and Jeff B. for making such a great instrument and sticking with it. Marketing can be tough but your product will sell itself. I will do all I can to promote your guitars because I believe they are in a class by themselves. I look forward to sending business your way."

~Charles Taylor
"Jeff, Your guitars are just beautiful. I love the way they sound, play and the fact you can change the action without going out of tune is a fabulous feature. I play slide also and this is a function that you can't get on any other acoustic guitar."

~Clark C. Fain

"I think that Jeff's neck joint is the most important development in the acoustic guitar since the dovetail..."

~Hap Kuffner
"It took a while for me to work up the courage to try the neck adjustment....once I did I was amazed how easy it is to do and how it makes it so easy to set a playable action, far lower than you would normally expect on an acoustic...as an innovative design I think the guitar is pretty amazing and all the adjustments work really well."

~Terry Relph-Knight
Hello Jeff,
I purchased your Identity Acute fingerstyle guitar a couple of weeks ago,and since I have been playing it nearly everyday with new strings, it is "breaking in" like no other acoustic I have ever heard or owned. I own many acoustics including Martin, Gibson, Lowden, Langejeans, to name a few, but your amazing, revolutionary guitar is already right there in sonic tone with my best guitars!! I plan to buy a Spider next, and when I can afford it, maybe order a custom from you someday. Thank you for all of the hard work, time, and research that you incorporated into creating such an extraordinary and superbly designed guitar. You are definitely far ahead of your time, but I did read that at least Martin is listening to you a little and is going to use your adjustable neck on a model. A couple of my guitar playin friends are thinking about buying one of your guitars,because they love playing mine so much, so I will continue to pass the word. Thank you and best wishes to you, your family, and your work.

~Larry Dixon

"I have been playing for 30+ years and this is the first time an acoustic has Grabbed me like the Acute 6 has....totally satisfied with the quality, sound and love the neck adjustment. No bullshit, I love this acoustic."

~Bill Beehler