Testimonials Continued

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Radio personalities Steven King and Jonnie Putman with Jeff Babicz, from Chicago's WGN "Steve & Jonnie Show". Steve is the happy owner of two Babicz guitars!!
"Hello Jeff and the Babicz team,
I'd been thinking about picking up a Spider for about 6 months on reputation alone as I hadn't had a chance to play one. I pulled the trigger last week and proceeded to head to the nearest open mic night. The Spider turned many heads and it played and sounds terrific! I've owned many guitars in my 30 years of playing, but the Babicz Spider had rejuvenated my interest in playing and bringing it up to the next level. Thanks to all involved in the development. Great work and craftsmanship!!"

~Jeff Armstrong
"Dear Jeff, The first time I saw a Babicz Guitar, was at a Porcupine Tree concert in Montreal in the summer of 2005. It came to my attention when Steven Wilson came out with this wicked looking, beautiful sounding instrument. I've been wanting one since. I finally bought this beautiful Dreadnought Rosewood and been enjoying every moment playing with this beautiful piece of art and technology. Thank you Jeff for this beautiful instrument and thank you Steven for your Music."

~Stephan Mongeon

"Here is my picture of me and one of your guitars that I just purchased. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it advertised in Guitar World Magazine. Then I fell in love with it again when I opened up the guitar case for the first time. After a little tuning and a little playing it is everything that I expected out of this guitar. It is fantastic and worth every bit of money that I paid for it. When I'm holding the guitar it even makes me look better. I can see the difference in the picture. Ha Ha"

~Don Fullam
"To tell you what I think of my new Babicz Guitar......ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I have 4 other guitars, ranging from 12 string, acoustic and acoustic electric. This is the only guitar I have ever heard that sounds the same plugged up as it does unplugged. I don't have to worry about losing my natural "acoustic" sound with this guitar once I plug it in. When I was looking to buy a new and NICE guitar, I played the Martin and the Taylors....all ranging in the SEVERAL thousands of dollars market. But when I picked up your guitar, I was literally BLOWN AWAY. After one minute, my search was over. I even went back and played the Martins and Taylors again after I put it down, and went right back to Babicz. Thank you for producing such an amazing guitar. I only have one problem now. I don't want to play my other guitars!."

~Jason Holmes
"Hi there Folks- I just got my new Babicz ID-DMH-06, Ser No: 05161711, and I can't express how excited I am. I own and have owned lots of guitars, amongst which there were: Martin, Gibson, Taylor, Lariviee,... and I haven't been as excited about any of them as I have been this new and innovative design. I love the adjustable neck, the body is well constructed, and the sound is full and rich when I strum, and contains lots of detail when picked. Congratulations to such a great design and guitar. I have been a recording artist for over 20 years and I can't wait to play my new Babicz on my forthcoming album Help We're Being Invaded"

~Uwe Bartsch

"Hi there again- I sent you an email with my photo and my new Babicz guitar which I love so much that, guess what? - I bought a Spider today because I needed a new stage guitar too. It's awesome and I don't think my life will ever be the same. So here's another to be added to your collection. Jeff your guitars are innovative, brilliant sounding (plugged and unplugged) and they look awesome. I am happy to recommend them whenever I'm on tour and on my workshops..."

~ Uwe Bartsch
"These guitars are absolutely awesome. I've been playing my Jumbo Babicz acoustic for over a year now and it never let me down. The new Octane is simply amazing"

"My Babicz is exactly what I was looking for in a steal string. The design of this guitar is truly innovative. The more I play it the more I love it!"

~Tom Kowalczik
"This guitar makes you want to play!"

~Tim McCarley
"I just purchased a new Babicz dreadnaught cutaway and I'm very pleased with the workmanship and performance of the guitar (see attached photos). The sound compares very favorably with my Taylor Limited Edition 410. I've been playing guitar for 30+ years, and after reading about the innovative design elements, my first thought was: "why hasn't someone thought of this before?". I'm looking forward to many enjoyable years with my new Babicz guitar!"

~Tim Kelly
"Jeff, Really digging my new lefty SPIDER. The longer I play it the more I sound like Dick Dale! Thanks for such a cool guitar."

~Ted Winsett

"Hello Jeff, Attached please find a picture of me with my new Babicz Spider guitar. What can I say, I absolutely love this thing! I've been playing for over 15 years and this is the sweetest guitar I've ever seen and played. Thanks so much!"

"I love the ID-ACMH-06 I got from you. The adjustable action is the coolest. The sound could be a little bigger. But I also am used to a J-45 and realize that this a small body guitar. The fit and feel is great. I would recommend it to all my friends for sure."

~Rob Byrns
"Jeff and Jeff, I have just crossed over to the Babicz realm! I'm very excited about playing this guitar. I can't tell you how much I love the adjustable action. It feels great and sounds great. Thank you so much. Keep doing what you're doing because as far as I'm concerned, it's perfect!"

~Greg Gumpel
"I love this guitar! Crisp sound, top to bottom. Comfortable neck and easy adjustment. And an added bonus... it holds a tune longer than any guitar I've ever had! You guys have done a remarkable job!"

~Ken Fendler
"Hi All At Babicz! Well what a gem I have found in this guitar! Afer spending 6 weeks looking for a new guitar and actually narrowing it down to a Maton (made here in Australia), it then came down to which model of Maton. We don't have too many music shops to choose from in Far North Queensland, with both the major ones being 4 hours apart. Thank goodness I made the drive to do a Maton comparison. After spending two and a half hours in the shop and still being unsure the store owner handed me the Babicz (just to have a fiddle with in the midst of things). Well that was it - 6 weeks of playing probably over 30 guitars and I was sold in less than 2 minutes. No doubt what-so-ever. Not only the quality of sound but the ease of playing. It was almost as if my fingers were floating! I'm actually looking to purchase a new electric guitar in the next month or so, so very much look forward to driving south once again!"

~Alex Barlow
We are deeply saddened by the loss of our good friend Gary Emmons. Many of you know Gary from his decades of work at his beloved Crackerbox Music in Newburgh. Sadly, and unexpectedly, Gary passed away on Thursday, May 31st in his sleep. He was 49 years young.

For years Gary was an integral part of the Steinberger Guitars crew, working with Jeff Babicz, Jeff Carano, Brian Moore, and Ned Steinberger to name a few. Afterwards, when Babicz Guitars was launched, Gary was one of our biggest supporters. His services were invaluable to us in the first few months of our company, as his craftsmanship and overall guitar expertise helped us launch the Identity Series guitars. Gary continued to provide expert luthierie and sales services to Babicz Guitars, and was always available to us on a moment's notice.

Anyone who has ever dealt with Gary will remember him as truly one of the industry's good guys with a heart of gold. For over 25 years he offered his talents to the community with a smile, and never turning anybody away. His fantastic sense of humor and warm personality will sorely be missed by many.

Gary is survived by his loving wife, Nancy Mary Emmons and her family; his parents, Guy and Glenda Emmons, and his sister, Penny Marcucci.
"After strumming the Babicz three times, I told my daughter, "There is NO-WAY I'm giving this thing up!" You've made the transition from my "old" guitar of 23 years not only painless, but downright wonderful! The reaction from all of my fellow guitar friends has been very positive. They are all very impressed, and more than slightly jealous."

~Jim Engstom
"Jeff is a friend of mine and I think his concepts are some of the most innovative in the industry. His patented neck adjustment system works flawlessly. You can go from electric to slide height and the guitar stays in tune! He has 2 lines-the ones he makes by hand and the imported ones. His guitars sound as good (and better) as any traditionally made instrument (except mine!)."

~Brad Goodman
"Thank you for pushing the envelope on acoustic guitar design, this thing is amazing! I love the adjustable neck, and the unusual design certainly turns some heads."

~Ron Denoo
Jeff- I've bought a "Spider" guitar, in a town of South Italy, were I live... In the guitar shop I thought that the sound of this instrument was impressive, and I was in love for the beautiful look, and the modern technology...
I've used this awesome guitar in a lucky Italian tour with the famous band ballati tutti quanti - traditional southern Italian music -great performance on stage and in acoustic environment! I'm very happy for this buying, and in the future I will use my "spider" also in my underground hard rock project essenza.

~Carlo G. Rizzello