Testimonials Continued

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"I've been playing finger style acoustic guitar for 27 years. I've had a 20th anniversary Taylor XX-RS nearly 10 years now. I never though I'd like anything significantly more. Though I still love the Taylor, Jeff Babicz Signature #3 is now my main guitar -- BIG SOUND!"

~Pat Daley
"The Continually Adjustable Neck feature allows me to adjust string height quickly between songs. I might be playing slide for one song, then lower the action to for the next song without disrupting my tuning or intonation. The Babicz is a revolutionary guitar…! I just think the features are absolutely irreplaceable! -Thanks Jeff!"

~Vito Petroccitto
"The sound of the guitar is remarkable – full, deep, with a cello-like bass response... its a sonic poem!"

~Stan Jay
"Jeff, I perform down in the city often, and everybody asks me about the Babicz guitar....they love how it sounds....it plays great too. Thanks you for making such a cool guitar"

~Danny Zdravkoski
"My son Joseph (age 11) has been studying guitar here on Staten Island these last two years. My wife and I are extremely pleased with what we both consider "budding talent”. Because he shows not only aptitude but also great interest and Love for his music we made a trip to "Mandolin Brothers" to see the selection of Acoustic Guitars. Stan Jay at Mandolin Brothers was a tremendous help and let Joseph try many fine acoustic guitars including Gibson and Martin. When Joseph picked up and started playing a Babicz Mahogany Dreadnought it came alive in his hands and the sound he produced was beautiful. It was as if the guitar chose him! Needless to say the money he has saved from gifts and his allowance went to his purchase. Thank you for creating not only a stunning instrument visually, but one whose sound matches its beauty. We hope it gives Joseph many years of enjoyment."

~Louis F. DeSantis
"This guitar is my new woman...I love it! It plays like Michael Jordan at the NBA Finals. I have gotten many compliments on it's sound and design. The adjusting neck is a beautiful feature. I was there when this guitar was in the process of being revealed, and I never thought I'd have the chance own a guitar of this caliber. I'll have this guitar for the rest of my life!"

~T J McHugh
"I have just recently bought my very own Babicz guitar. This is my first guitar! I had been searching for the right guitar for about three months, when I came to Dick's Country Store and Music Oasis on my way to a soccer game in Plattsburgh, NY. I played a dozen guitars there, including Alvarezes, Gibsons, Ovations, and Martins. I was about to leave feeling sad about not finding the right guitar, when my brother handed me a Babicz guitar. I sat down and played it. The guitar was the greatest guitar that I had ever played and will always be. My brother said that it was the greatest guitar he had ever played too. The next day I came back and bought the guitar and an amp. It was well worth it. Now I play it everyday."

~Gavin Acres
"Jeff, This guitar is a tone monster! Not only did I get some great innovations in the instrument design but I got way more than my money's worth in sound quality and playability. The dynamics I can use now with my right hand make my playing experience entirely new. Notes really come through, chords shimmer, and palm muted rhythms make the hair on the back of my neck stand up! I used to worry about having the string action as low as I could for my comfort, but this guitar seems to fret so much easier that I am now playing with a slightly higher action and I can use a more aggressive style and I am getting TONS of VOLUME and TONE. Best part is I haven't found any real side effect. When I want to drop the strings down I can within a few seconds and I have not had to re-tune yet!"

~Fred Jones
"Jeff- The Spider has the sweetest tone and is the best guitar in the world. Thank you."

~Bashar Arafat
"I've adjusted the neck to achieve a perfect action for me and the tone has come into focus... I spent some time through my AER 60 combo and we're definitely "cooking on gas"... I believe I will be selling the Lowden and running the Babicz now when playing live..."

~Richard S. Davidson

"Jeff, Your guitars changed my life"

~B. Willie
"Jeff, I'm loving the beautiful guitar. You guys should be very proud of what you've accomplished so far, and I'm excited to see your business grow. My fingers are sore from pickin' around last night. The guitar is proudly sitting in my home office, and I'm ready to learn how to play again. Hopefully taking a year+ off cleared out some bad habits and prepared me to start fresh. I'm pleased to be starting over with a high-end instrument, as well!"

~Brian Starnes
"Here I am with my Babicz Identity (ID-DCMH-06). Nice axe. I own several acoustic guitars including Larrivee (nice, warm sound), Takemine (more 'in your face' high end), Fender (it's 30 years old, but I still love it), Dean (nice all around tone and play for a budget guitar), and Hohner (another nice, very inexpensive guitar). All of them have their attributes, but my Babicz has the best overall tone and voice. Playability is not an issue since the adjustable neck lets me set it up the way I like it. The volume and clarity are like no other instrument I've played. The sound of a RainSong graphite guitar is probably the closest I've heard to the overall voice of my Babicz. I've played Martins and Taylors too. While they are nice instruments, I have a tough time laying out the coin necessary to score them. My Babicz is an outstanding instrument at a fair price. Thanks Jeff!"

~Jim Helhowski
"Hands down this is one of the best guitars I have owned. Compared to my Larrievee c10 custom, my Babicz has got more punch and presence at half the cost. I sold my $2000 + C10 Guitar for this one and never looked back. As for being compared to a Taylor? Anything beats a Taylor now a days. They all just sound the same. (dead) My only regret is that I wish I would have bought a jumbo body without a pickup because I am doing a lot more recording. The one I have now is hands down brilliant in a live performance. Cuts right through the mix while at the same time very flexible when playing alone. My final words... Don't hesitate to buy a Babicz. Time to give the competition a run for there over priced guitars. Thanks Babicz!"

~Vito Cheong
"Jeff: I am totally blown away by my new Spider. I've been playing 'Live' Music for many years. I am currently playing in a 'Pop Country' Band. My Babicz Spider is a mainstay in the band. It cuts through the mix of a 6 piece band and yet is full sounding for my intro's and acoustic solo's. The first night I played the guitar, every member in our band commented on how much better my acoustic sounded then the previous guitar I was playing. (High end Ovation). Thanks for making such a beautiful instrument!"

~Brad Wilson
"I've been playing for over forty years and the Babicz guitar is what I've been looking for. It has great sound and is the easiest fingering acoustic I've ever played. I wanted my children to have a guitar with this quality so I got one for my son and one for my daughter. They love them. Thanks Jeff for the great innovative designs"

~Ralph Keller
"I just started playing about 6 months ago. I bought a mid range quality guitar to start on. I thought it sounded pretty good until I heard the Babicz. I was amazed at the difference. Needless to say, I bought it and will now be selling the other one. I just hope the prospective buyer doesn't try your guitars first. I will never get it sold if they do."

~James Pence
"Jeff-I've played drums for 25 years and the Babicz is the first guitar that I had to buy, it sounds and plays great!!!"

~Carl Cramblit
"I sat and played my Babicz guitar I bought in the spring for a bit last night, it sounds even better than I remembered. It has been vigorously played at around 30 gigs, and people are more interested in it than me sometimes, it seems. For the record, my Katrina fundraising efforts have grossed well over $80,000.00 at this time. I hope to not be the hurricane relief poster boy forever, but at least this work has kept me busy, and added meaning to what was basically a brute act of nature.."

~Chip Wilson
"This guitar is the most versatile I've ever come across. I play mostly for church services, and this is the only guitar I've ever used that has gotten praise for it's tone and volume- and I've used Taylors, Martins and Larrivees in the past. I've got my eyes on the Spider as well and please, please come out with a 12 string! I appreciate you taking the time to give me some good advice. It's that personal touch that's bound to bring success to your business venture. Just got the 'Spider'- way cool!"

~Steve Wildermuth
"My new Spider is the most versatile, best sounding, guitar I have ever owned (and this makes at least ten). The guitar sounds like a chorus, I love the adjustable neck, the easily-replaceable battery is a God-send, and it looks awesome, too! Thanks so much, Jeff and Jeff!"

~Dr. Larry Hamburg

"I absolutely love my new Babicz Identity Jumbo Rosewood acoustic/electric. I tried dozens of other guitars by top manufacturers, including many that cost much more than my Babicz. None of them could match the airy, balanced tone and smooth playability. The innovative engineering that goes into the design is not a gimmick - it really makes a huge difference! And Jeff Babicz's personal customer service was outstanding even before I bought my guitar. Thank you!!"

~Andrew D'Auria
"Dear Jeff , Thank you so much for such a great guitar. I first saw your guitar in Guitar Player magazine and never dreamed it would be in my arms a few months later. I checked out your web sight and was intrigued. Found a dealer not too far away and decided to try one of your guitars out there. I decided to buy through the dealer as he really wanted my business. They didn't have the Spider, so, they ordered it for me and had it delivered straight to my home. I played it Sunday at Church, on the worship team. Had lots of positive comments. It played so well, I didn't and don't want to stop playing. Thank you!!!! God Bless you"

~ Pamela Finney
"The Babicz ID-JRW-06 has amazing sound clarity, volume and sustain. It seems unfair to compare it to other guitars of traditional construction. However, I play with a number of other guitarists and we always compare our instruments. This guitar stands alone."

~Ronald Bloor
"I'm very pleased with my new Identity Rosewood Dreadnought. As a scientist, I became so fascinated reading about the clever engineering that went into the design, and I just had to try one. Then the sound convinced me that the implementation was every bit as good as the theory, and I just had to have one. Excellent guitar!"

~Ron Greene
"I've never played anything like it before- its superb. I've had a Seagull acoustic for about 8 years and its tone has improved since I bought it. The Spider has as good a tone now so it can only get better with age and the sustain is incredible - lasts twice as long as the Seagull. The Spider seems 'easier' to play and I need to get used to adopting my playing technique. I play mainly Traditional/Contemporary English Folk. Plus the built in pick up sounds great when recorded direct to PC."

~Bill Hewitt

"Jeff, I am certainly enjoying Babicz Signature guitar. Currently it is being borrowed by an acoustic musician Marc Berardo, who is an artist with a lot of promise. His current album is ranked in the top 50 in New Zealand, even though he is a local guy. He heard about the guitar and couldn.t wait to try it. Congratulations on your induction into the music instrument hall of fame! Keep it up and my guitar is going to be worth a fortune someday!."

~Dr. Suresh Mandava
"I love the way it feels and sounds & everyone is drawn to it."

~David Mancuso