Babicz Full Contact Hardware

Full Contact Hardware is an innovative electric guitar and bass saddle solution featuring the patent pending "eCAM" saddle system, designed by Jeff Babicz.

The eCAM saddle offers full contact between the vibrating string and the body of the instrument. Babicz designed FCH with the intent of gaining the maximum amount of direct string coupling to the body of the instrument, with over 50 times more contact surface per saddle compared to conventional saddle designs. Direct coupling means improved tone and sustain.

FCH is sure to make a great upgrade improvement to your current bass or guitar. Available in six different bridge patterns - in chrome, black, or gold finish.

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“What was most striking was the way notes rang together on extended voicings. Major 7ths and 9ths had a separation between the notes that we found fasinating.”

~Matt Blackett
Guitar Player Magazine

Click on the video above to view the FCH eCAM saddle in motion.

The single Height Adjustment Screw is on the right of the housing, which moves the eCAM saddle and string up or down. On the left of the housing is the Saddle Lock Screw which fixes string height settings. Full Contact between the string and the bottom of the saddle is always maintained at any interval of string height settings.
Click HERE to visit the Full Contact Hardware website.
FCH Tune-O-Matic Bridge w Tailpiece
FCH Tele Bridge, 3 or 4 hole mount
FCH 5 String Bass Bridge
FCH 4 String Bass Bridge
FCH Strat Tremolo
FCH Strat Saddle Kit