Continually Adjustable Neck

The proprietary "Continually Adjustable Neck" by Babicz Design Ltd. (also known as the “Variable Set Neck™”) is a patented and innovative approach to adjusting the string height ("action") of a guitar in a fast and seamless motion. This is achieved by allowing the neck to slide up or down, with the turn of an ordinary Allen key, on command, by the musician. This adjustment has little or no effect on the intonation of the guitar.

By lifting the neck up or down to adjust the action, you are essentially adjusting the neck to the string height instead of the other way around. You are not re-pitching the neck, so a simple height adjustment does not affect tuning (pitch) or scale length.

The Babicz Continually Adjustable Neck is much like an electric guitar neck - because it is continuous. There is solid wood under the fret-board past the body. This is integral to the neck itself and offers extreme stability and sustain in the upper register. The dreaded fret-board 'drop off' past the body becomes extinct. The soundboard can vibrate more freely because the neck/fret-board is not attached to the top of the guitar like on conventional acoustics. Heavy upper bout bracing is unnecessary and eliminated. The height of the bridge's saddle never changes for the life of the guitar. High action warrantees are a non-issue.

For the musician, this represents a totally new level of performance. The guitar can now be "fine-tuned" to the exact string height desired – instantly.

US Patent # 7,157,634

Jeff Babicz demonstrates how the patented Continually Adjustable Neck works.

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